John Sbrocco

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


John is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Sbrocco International. He is the brother of company founder, Harold Sbrocco. John began his experience in the produce industry in 1988 when he joined his brother at Johnson & Sbrocco International as a fruit inspector. In 1992, when Sbrocco International was founded, John moved into a transportation position. He continued learning different facets of the produce business as he moved into procurement, sales, and general manager at Sbrocco. John is in constant communication with our growers in Chile, Peru, New Zealand, and Argentina and is on top of all the latest market changes. He promotes good grower-importer relationships which allows him to have an accurate forecast on upcoming season and market conditions. John visits each grower’s farm, packing and storage facility ensuring the fruit being distributed to Sbrocco is the highest quality and the best condition while maintaining the integrity of food safety.
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