Our Growers are Set to the Highest Standards

All of our growers are required to comply with all aspects of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), so importing fruit from Sbrocco International is both safe and responsible. Adherence to FSMA and other food safety programs ensures that imported fruit is grown and handled with the same standards as fruit grown in the United States. 

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Many of our growers go the extra mile to promote a positive workplace environment for their employees andresponsible farming for the environment.



We employee countless food safety programs and business practices to ensure our fruit is the best quality available.



We are the only fruit importer to contract USDA Quality Inspectors to inspect all of our fruit imports upon arrival.


Customer Service

We are a family company, owned and operated since 1992. We treat our employees and partners like family and our clients with respect.

Diverse Growing Regions

Each growing region has its unique environmental characteristics that impact the flavor and quality of the fruit. We work with our growers to ensure that fruit from all of our growing regions exceeds the expectations of our customers. Multiple growing regions extend the life of a season, allow for continuity of supply, and produce delicious region-specific varieties.

Our Growers Are Located in:
"Sbrocco International is very customer focused and detail oriented. It’s clear that the customer relationship is at the forefront of their business. The Customer is the equity of our Company."

Harold, Sbrocco International CEO

"I’ve found that working with Sbrocco International is an intelligent, less transactional relationship. They are able to inform me of markets, changes in programs and work through any upcoming issues that might impact my supply chain. I am able to maintain product availability, with the highest quality fruit, that keeps my category healthy."

Sbrocco International Customer

"Sbrocco International’s programs have shifted over the years to increase summer efficiencies for imports. Having one pick up location for apples, pears and the full citrus lineup makes managing my needs much easier. We’re also able to pack it all in our private label which further enhances my go to market strategy."

Sbrocco International Customer

"Harold, John and the team are honest and trustworthy. They do what they say."

Sbrocco International Customer