Arrivals, Packing and Transportation

Our shipping, receiving, and packing facilities are located at Gloucester Terminals in Gloucester City, NJ and the Port of Wilmington in Wilmington, DE. This tightly networked infrastructure ensures that fruit discharged from our vessels receives the proper care in quality control, inventory control, and truck loading.

Packing and Cold Storage

Localized packing and cold storage facilities allow us to quickly package the fruit into the pack of your choice without losing time at the port. Located on site, state-of-the-art packing facilities integrate seamlessly with our arrivals process, creating a single, integrated zone for shipping, receiving and packing.


One Eleven Logistics LLC is the in-house transportation arm of Sbrocco International. Managing our own transportation allows us to own the entire supply chain, from container pick up to customer warehouse delivery. It also allows our company to manage commodity consolidation for customers looking to have single stop CPU programs. In the summer, we are able to load your truck with up to 11 commodities during one stop.


Sbrocco International’s team works with up-to-date equipment in order to manage and monitor each delivery. Digital inventory programs and integrated wireless scan guns allow us real time inventory control and traceability. Temperature recorders monitor the truck’s internal temperature. Smart use of technology results in better control of truck loading, quality, and distribution.
Sbrocco International is currently working with the following e-commerce networks:

  • Itrade Network
  • Foodlink
  • SPS Commerce
  • Edict Systems
  • Famous Integrated Services
  • Procurant

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