About Sbrocco International

A family run company, founded in 1992, Sbrocco International is known in the industry for its high quality imported fruit. We are a veteran and woman owned small business that prides itself on delivering the finest fruits to our retail customers with service that is unrivaled in the produce industry.

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What's In Season?

The season is always changing. Check out our When to Buy Guide to get an idea of when to order produce. Then give us a call. We'll help you customize your shipment to fit the needs of your store.

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Best Sellers

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Honey Crisp Apples

Availability: April-September

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Granny Smith Apples

Availability: March-September

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Royal Gala Apples

Availability: February-September

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Easy Peelers

Availability: January-December

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Availability: June-September

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Navel Oranges

Availability: July-October

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Featured Produce

Easy Peeler

Easy Peelers are very sweet and juicy, so it comes as no surprise that they are one of the most successfully sold citrus fruits on the market today. Easy Peelers have been growing in popularity recently because their small size, lack of seeds, and loose, easy to peel skin, all add up to create the perfect tasty snack!

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Food Safety

We go above and beyond the fruit industry’s baseline certifications to ensure safety, quality, and fair trade for our customers and growers. We are also the only fruit importers to contract the USDA to inspect all of our produce shipments prior to selling on the East Coast.

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